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It is always troublesome if you have pests in your property. There are many types of pests, but the one thing they all share is that they pose a potential threat to both you and your establishment. Some are more of a threat to you personally, such as wasps, some are more of a danger to your establishment like mice, and some are a danger to both like rats and ants. If you do have pests of any kind, it is unwise to attempt to remove them yourself. If you are unsuccessful, the problem will simply return. There is also the risk that you may make the problem worse or damage the property. It is therefore advised that you hire professional pest control specialists.

If you're trying to find the best company that provides pest control in Wellingborough, then you have come to the right place. Eliminate is fully trained and equipped to handle all types of pests, removing them from your home, school, or work place with minimum fuss and downtime. Our staff all has at least two years of training, with more than enough experience to carry out any removal task with utmost efficiency.

We fully customise our services to suit the needs of each of our clients. Depending on the type of pest that has invaded your property, we will use different techniques to remove them. A different approach is obviously required for rodents and other small animals than it is for insects.

Pests can be more devastating for some clients than others, such as food producers and retailers. You can be certain we will arrive on the scene with the ability to return everything to a peaceful state in no time. Not only will we help to take care of the immediate problem, we will also come up with preventative treatments to help ensure a similar problem doesn't happen again in the future.


Eliminates Pest Control Ltd. are based in Wellingborough and Rushden, and many of our long term customers are based in the town or surrounding villages.
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