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If you encounter wasp infestations, it's useful to know which species you are dealing with and how a professional wasp control expert will tackle the problem. Eliminate aim to arrange your wasp nest to be effectively killed off within the next working day, so please contact us if you need expert help in controlling wasps in your home or business.

A single large nest can house up to 6,000 wasps. They can attack in numbers if they are disturbed or feel threatened. 


Common or British Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris)


Description: Bright yellow and black stripes, and clear two part body where the waist is.

Habitat: This type of wasp builds its wasp nest from chewed wood and plant material, which they collect from buildings - particularly attics, fences and garden shed.

Lifecycle: The queen begins building her nest from March and by May the wasps will be active, which is when they can start to cause a nuisance. Wasps tend to be the most problematic towards the end of summer. This is when their nests will be the largest and they will be more aggressive.


European or German Wasp (Vespula Germanica)


Description: Around 13mm long, it's slightly larger than the British wasp; it also has three tiny black dots on its face, although the colouring is very similar.

The European wasp has a very aggressive temperament and is territorial. This can result in people being stung or chased.

Habitat: Wasp nests are most commonly found on the eaves of buildings but they can also be built in lofts, wall cavities, garages, sheds, and holes in trees or the ground. 

Lifecycle: The European or German wasp is now more common in the summer.

Harmful Health defects

Although they have no harmful health effects by living with you, it is very easy to disturb the nest which will anger the wasps leading to stings. These stings are painful and people can be allergic to the venom.


Wasp nests can be destroyed using an insecticide dust, or removed if access permits. 

When you locate a nest you should call a wasp control expert straight away rather than risking removing it yourself. If you or anybody else in the household is allergic to wasp venom you need to make sure you don't disturb the nest in any way. With a professional wasp remover you can ensure the whole nest is removed quickly and safely. They will have the right expertise to minimise the risk of injury and will also have all of the protective clothing to ensure they don't get stung whilst trying to remove the nest. The removal technique will depend on where the nest is located and the species of wasps you are dealing with.

At Eliminate Pest Control we are extremely experienced dealing with wasp control in Northampton and throughout the surrounding areas and will resolve your issue as quickly and safely as possible using the appropriate techniques.

The European wasp nest can be removed or destroyed with insecticide dust, but due to the aggressive nature of these pests the treatment costs are generally higher.

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