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Eliminate are Rat Catchers and Rat Exterminators.

The Brown Rat is the most common rodent pest in the UK.


Description: Rats are generally larger than mice. They have many distinguishable attributes including: Smaller ears, a thicker hairless tail, larger feet and thinner rod-shaped droppings.

Habitat: includes rivers & streams, fields, buildings and sewers. Black rats like to build their nests high up, while brown rats will keep their nests closer to the ground.

Diet: Rats can be found anywhere offering food, water and shelter. They like to feed undercover. They are neophobic which means therefore cautious with new objects and food sources.

Lifecycle: A rapid breeder with 3-6 litters per year of a litter size of 8, they are sexually mature at 10-12 weeks. 

How to tell if you have an infestation:

Harmful Health Effects

Not only are they unsanitary creatures that cause nasty diseases to you and your family including: Hantavirus, Salmonella and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis. They also cause damage to your home by nibbling away wood from the structure of your house.



Both humane and aggressive solutions are available, and a full risk assessment will be carried out before the treatment commences looking at a number of factors. For example: does the property contain children, cats or dogs that could get access to the bait? 

The most effective treatment is normally a mixture of proofing & Anticoagulant bait stations with industrial traps baited with our secret formula high protein attractant. The treatment normally requires 2-3 visits normally 7-10 days apart.

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