Although many rabbits are kept domestically as pets, there are still many in the wild that can ruin your gardens or commercial premises. These are still considered to be a pest

Description:  Rabbits are covered in fur with long ears, large eyes, and short, fluffy tails.

Habitat: Rabbits have no set habitat. They can live in a variety of environments but mainly grasslands. Many rabbits will move into a burrow dug by another animal.

Diet: Rabbits are mainly herbivores that eat a wide range of plants including grasses or their roots.

Lifecycle: Most live around a year, with some reaching up to 3 years.

Harmful Health effects

Some studies show that rabbits contain a bacteria, Pasteurella Multocida, in their mouth and nasal passages.

They also excereet around 100 pellets a day which can be unfavourable and unsanitary.


For a rabbit control programme to be successful, an integrated approach is vital. Shooting, baiting or fumigating without any follow-up will leave a vacant ready made home for young migrating rabbits from surrounding areas. Eliminate Pest Control Ltd is able to solve your rabbit problem by a combined approach utilising several control methods for maximum results.

Our methods include:

Rabbit breeding occurs throughout the year in the UK due to our mild winters. This means that in order to combat a rabbit problem we need to act at a faster rate than the rabbit can breed.

Our aim is to achieve local eradication to your problem and to prevent re-infestation of rabbits. A group approach has far greater success in achieving this goal, and we have found that by dealing with your neighbour’s problem will better the chance of rabbit re-infestation.

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