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The mole is a small mammal that causes a great deal of damage. 

Eliminate Pest Control only use humane methods for controlling Moles. Our service is quick, discreet, extremely effective and above all professional. We are also members of the British Guild of Molecatchers.



Description: Small (around 13 to 16 cm long), short black-brown fur; large, clawed ‘spade-like’ front feet; a long, pointed nose and small eyes.


Habitat: They are found throughout Britain but not in Ireland. They create a system of tunnels in well-drained soil and feed mainly on earthworms. Moles spend nearly their whole life beneath ground.


Diet: Earthworms.


Lifecycle:  they don't generally live beyond about 3 years, but have been known to live for six years. A female mole will give birth to between three to four pups; these will stay with her for around five to six weeks before leaving to start their own independent lives.


Harmful Health Effects

Moles burrow and raise molehills, killing parts of lawns. They can undermine plant roots, indirectly causing damage or death.



Eliminate Pest control carry out mole control / catching for both domestic gardens and parks, church graveyards and sportsgrounds. For larger areas Eliminate have a dedicated team trained and certificated in the application of Aluminium Phosphide products Phostoxin & Talunex. We only administer legal poisons in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


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