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For a rabbit control programme to be successful, an integrated approach is vital. Shooting, baiting or fumigating without any follow-up will leave a vacant ready made home for young migrating rabbits from surrounding areas.
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Eliminate Pest Control Ltd is able to solve your rabbit problem by a combined approach utilising several control methods for maximum results.
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Our methods include:
  • Shooting at night, or day.
  • Professionally installed rabbit proof fencing.
  • Fumigation of Warrens.
Rabbit breeding occurs throughout the year in the UK due to our mild winters. This means that in order to combat a rabbit problem we need to act at a faster rate than the rabbit can breed
 Rabbit control on farms
Our aim is to achieve local eradication to your problem and to prevent re-infestation of rabbits. A group approach has far greater success in achieving this goal, and we have found that by dealing with your neighbour’s problem will better the chance of rabbit re-infestation.
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