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Mice are a common visitor to homes in the UK, especially as Autumn gets cooler. Mice often move indoors for warmth, protection and food. We Normally see 2 different species of mice in our area:

Eliminates Autumn / Winter Mouse deals

Our bronze Mouse deal includes:

From only £95.00

  • Normally next working day call out
  • 2 Visits to your house
  • Reasonable proofing to prevent infestation
  • Trapping / baiting of mice as appropriate
  • Customer help.

Our Silver Mouse deal includes:

Fixed price of £140.00

  • Normally next working day call out
  • 3 Visits to your house
  • Reasonable proofing to prevent infestation
  • Trapping / baiting of mice as appropriate
  • Customer help

All Prices EXCLUDE VAT, Non Commercial properties, Subject to geographical area, Terms & Conditions apply.

House Mouse (Mus Domesticus)
Mouse pest control

The House Mouse is difficult to exclude from properties as they squeeze through gaps as small as 7mm. Omnivorous feeders but preferring cereals and nuts, water is not vital as they derive moisture from the food they consume. They tend to feed by taking small, multiple amounts and quickly loose interest in one food source. Mice urinate constantly and defecate around 80 times a day. With a litter size of 4-10 they litter 6-8 times a year. A pair of mice and their offspring can produce over 1000 offspring in a year.

Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)
Normally a field based rodent however often moves indoors in winter easily identified due to:
Larger round ear
Longer tail
Much lighter belly fur

Signs of Infestation
Noises from attics or cavity walls
Boxes being nibbled
Chewed pipe insulation

Both humane and aggressive solutions are available, and a full risk assessment will we carried out before the treatment commences looking at a number of facts for example does the property contain children, cats or dogs that could get assess to the bait. The most effective is normally a mixture of proofing & Anticoagulant bait stations with industrial traps baited with our secret formula high protein attractant containing peanut butter. The treatment normally requires 2-3 visits normally 7-10 days apart.

Block entry points using either a galvenised wire mesh with 6mm pitch (hole size) or a special commercial wire wool.

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