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Cockroaches can be a problem in both the domestic and commercial kitchen.


There are 2 species of cockroaches common in the UK:

The German Cockroach
The German Cockroach is light brown and are 11-16 mm long when fully grown. All Cockroaches lay have a purse-shaped egg case called an ootheca. The German cockroach carries the ootheca almost until hatching point (approx.. 1 month) when up to 40 mini offspring emerge. The German cockroach is a good climber and can walk up glazed tiles therefore can be found almost anywhere in a property.

The Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach is darker brown, larger than its cousin at 17-32mm long and is found in cooler damp areas like basements and cellars. The Oriental Cockroach ootheca holds around 16 eggs and hatches between 2-3 months. The Oriental cockroach is not a good climber and is normally found near floor level.


Cockroach treatment in both commercial and residential properties has become simpler with the general use of specific cockroach baits.. The benefits include a discrete treatment regime and cascade effect of cockroaches being poisioned themselves after eating dead or dieing specimins. The key to treatment is to find the source of the infestation.
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