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Do you have a Flea Infestation?
Eliminate is your Flea Exterminator.

The flea (order Siphonaptera) has become more prevalent in the past 10 years possibly due to our warmer climate, central heating or the increased population of foxes around domestic properties.


What Are Common Signs Humans Have Fleas?

  1. Clustered red dots (sometimes in 3's) that often come with swelling around the bite similar to a mosquito bite.
  2. Black specs on your white sheets (aka flea dirt)
  3. Your pets are scratching and/or appear to have fleas.

Harmful health effects

Fleas are known to transmit disease including the plague or may transmit parasitic worms but most commonly their bite often results in an annoying reaction resulting in itchy skin, which sometimes becomes infected.


The treatment of fleas can be split into 3 main areas, all must be carried out simultaneously to produce the desired result and a satisfaction resolution may require significant effort by the customer. As with most pest infestations, if you treat promptly the cost and effort involved will be significantly lower.

1.   Property. Eliminate will visit the property and produce a full survey of the location together with a plan to resolve the problem. The treatment normally involves 2 visits to spray a water based residual insecticide across floors carpets, curtains and some soft furnishings with visits roughly 2 weeks apart. The property needs to be clear of personal possessions, valuables and some electrical equipment. For more information on how you can prepare your house for treatment, click here. (Preparation_Fleas.pdf)

2.   Clothing & bedding. We are unable to apply insecticide to clothing & bedding, therefore at a similar time these items need to be washed or tumble dried at a temperature sufficient to kill eggs, larvae and adults.

3.   Pets. At the same time you need to treat your pets with "spot on" or some other effective fleas treatment.

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