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We can do bird proofing services that will drive off the birds that are infesting your premises now and prevent new birds from taking over.

We also offer a bird nest removal service. However this tends to be late summer-time after the birds have migrated.


As a lot of birds are protected we can only offer assistance with pigeons and corvids. These are some of the most common bird pests so will most likely solve your problem. We are experts in wildlife removal.


Description: These are stout-bodied birds with short necks, and short slender bills that in some species feature fleshy ceres.

Nesting habits: dry and protected on a flat surface. They usually like to nest in attics, on roofs, ledges, eaves, and under bridges. Their natural nesting site would be on a rocky cliff crevice or in a cave. This is why they typically nest on high, flat ledges.

Diet: They primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and plants.

Season: All year round


Description: Medium to large birds with robust and slender appearance, equipped with small rounded heads and strong conical beaks.

Nesting habits: They build their stick nests in a variety of locations including buildings, cliffs, pylons and trees. They lay up to four eggs, and the chicks are fed by both parents.

Diet: Carrion, insects, worms, seeds, fruit, eggs and any scraps.

Season: all year round.

Harmful effect of living with them

Although rare, germs from birds can cause a variety of illnesses in people, ranging from minor skin infections to serious illnesses.

Effects can be caused by breathing in bird fetal waste. Causing a flu-like fever, diarrhea, chills, conjunctivitis and sore throat.


Bird proofing:

  1. Remove Nests and Loose Droppings
  2. We use a 3000 PSI pressure washer to clean structures with pigeon affected areas.
  3. Next, we install any deterrents agreed upon in the estimate, which may include netting, spikes, screening, mesh, bird wire, electric shock systems, and new visual gels.
  4. As necessary, we will adjust to the new habits which pigeons are forced to make from the new deterrents placed in their former homes and perch areas.

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