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Ants are social insects normally building nests underground during the spring, that may result in significant sized colonies by the summertime. These largest colonies become pests when their explorations bring them in contact with man often in kitchens and conservatories. Ants are particularly attracted to sweet tasting foods / fruits so can cause contamination problems.



Black Garden ant  

Description: Black garden ant workers are small, wingless and brown-black, with nipped in waists.

Diet: aphids and sugary substances such as nectar and rotting fruit.

Habitat: nests form under paving stones, in soil and between brickwork.

Season: March - October

  Red ant

Description: Red ant has a reddish-brown body and a darker head. It is a medium-sized ant.

Diet: omnivores, meaning they will feed on animal or vegetable sources of food.

Habitat: found under stones and logs in the garden, and also in soil and lawns.

Season: All year round, mainly around summer.

Pharaoh ant  

Description: Pharaoh ants are much smaller than the common black ant.

Diet: omnivore pest capable of feeding on fat, simple proteins, and sweet-based food materials, carbohydrates, and insects (living and dead)

Habitat: buildings (e.g. wall voids, windows, storage areas etc.), plants and sterile supplies. Common in hospitals where they are capable of spreading infection.

Season: all year round.

  Orange/yellow meadow ants

Description: Yellow/brown colour.

Diet: They feed off the honeydew milked from aphids.

Habitat: Grassland, Farmland and domestic gardens

Season: All year round.



Harmful Health Effects

All ants have a sting. Smaller ones are ineffective however can still be painful or itchy.

Pharaoh ants are also known to spread infections, posing a health risk.



Ant treatments normally involve a baiting technique that can be concluded with a single visit, the baits we use are far more powerful and effective than "over the counter" substances available to the public.


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