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Electronic Fly Killers

Electronic Fly Killers or E.F.K.
Electronic fly killer
How does the Electric Fly Killer work?
The tubes within the electric fly killer emit UV light drawing the Fly towards it. Depending on the type of ELK supplied, the fly is either electrocuted and its parts drop into a collecting tray that requires regular emptying or the fly is trapped by a sticky pad.

Installation of EFK's
The position of the ELK is critical to its effectiveness , Eliminate are happy to work with a customer to choose and install the ELK in the most efficient position however we are not electricians and require the help of a qualified electrician if a power source is not readily available.

Maintenance of EFK's
The tubes should be changed at least once per year since the phosphur coating, which produces the UV, deteriorates with use. Eliminate can provide this service as a fixed price one off call or as part of a service contract.
Eliminate Now stock, supply, install & service the Pestwest range of EFK's

Available in both white & silver the NU45 is great for small kitchens

Elegent front of house solutions

Electronic fly killer uv tubes

Get your replacement tubes from Eliminate either supplied or supplied & fitted

Electronic fly killer installation

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