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Bedbugs an Introduction

Bedbugs are small brown insects increasing found in UK residences. They are like mini vampires sucking blood from humans and sometimes domesticated pets, as a result they bring fear and anxiety to most people. 
The normal size of a bed bug is between 3 - 5 mm
Although called bed bugs they are most often found behind headboards or bedside cabinets.
Where do bed bugs come from..?
The numbers of bedbug treatments has increased dramatically of the past 10 years worldwide,  Especially in the USA and Asia, but also closer to home in southern and eastern Europe, scientists have identified a number of reasons for this increase including, education and correct identification, our more transient population and exotic holiday destinations but also, increasing temperatures which promote breeding and some resistance to popular insecticides.
Bed bugs or eggs can be brought into your home by your family or visitors in many ways including:
  • From trips abroad, but also visits to major UK cities.
  • On clothing or shoes.
  • On bags or suitcases from stays in hotels or on aircraft.
  • In new and secondhand furniture. 

Symptoms of Bed Bugs include:

Customers with extreme infestations of Bed bugs may experience: 
Bites - red marks, often to the upper arm or side of body.
Blood spots on sheets or matress
Sightings of live adults or shed skins.
But most commonly customer notice live specimins normally when changing sheets.
Our 5 point strategy to remove bed bugs,
If we have confirmation that an infestation is present we then begin our unique five point strategy to completely eradicate the problem. The strategy involves:
Eliminate are Specialist Contractors to the hotel industry for bedbug control.
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Bed bug treatments rely on good co-operation between the customer and the pest controller.The first stage is to clear out the effected rooms of all personal positions without infesting other areas. Treatment of bedding and clothing. A number of sprayings with a complex residual insecticide, roughly 2 weeks apart.  From experience long established colonies can take longer to remove, so its better to contact us sooner than later.

For instructions on preparing your property for a bed bug treatment click the link below:

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