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If you encounter wasp infestations, it's useful to know which species you are dealing with and how a professional wasp control expert will tackle the problem. Eliminate can arrange your

wasp nest

to be effectively killed off from just £50.00 (terms & geographic conditions apply), so please contact us if you need expert help in controlling wasps in your home or business.

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Types of wasp
Common or British Wasp (Vespula vulgaris)
Wasp control Wasp removal
The Common or British wasp is one of the most commonly-treated UK pests. This type of wasp builds its wasp nest from chewed wood and plant material, which they collect from buildings - particularly attics, fences and garden shed.

Wasp nest

Example of a small Wasp nest treated in a pine tree in Wellingborough in summer 2014

The queens spend winter in a quiet location (typically a shed or roof space, but occasionally in the ground).  She begins building her nest from March and by May the wasps will be active, which is when they can cause a nuisance.

Wasp nests can be destroyed using an insecticide dust, or removed if access permits.

European or German Wasp (Vespula germanica)

European wasp

The European or German wasp is now more common in the summer. Around 13mm long, it's slightly larger than the British wasp; it also has three tiny black dots on its face, although the colouring is very similar.

The European wasp has a very aggressive temperament and is territorial. This can result in people being stung or chased.

The European wasp nest can be removed or destroyed with insecticide dust, but due to the aggressive nature of these pests the treatment costs are generally higher.

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