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Pests are not only irritating and a stressful addition to your home or commercial life, but they can also affect your health and your well-being. It is vital to get to the route of the problem when dealing with pests in your home or commercial property, so that the problem doesn't reoccur. Pests can be easily dealt with if you have pest control methods in place, and there are a number of pest control measures to eradicate pests such as rats, flies, wasps, ants and even cockroaches.

At Eliminate Pest Control we are a well established name when it comes to providing pest control measures across Northampton and the surrounding areas. We offer pest removal services across the region, and we have done so for many years. We work closely with local businesses and private individuals, and we believe in helping the local community to be pest-free.

We work with many local businesses, commercial properties and public establishments such as schools, public houses, offices, letting agents and warehouses, and we can remove various pests such as mice, fleas, rats, wasps and pigeons. Our services are also vital for restaurants and other establishments that deal with food on a daily basis. We have the skills, the experience and the technology to remove pests to help you to comply with health and safety measures, and also food hygiene and we can help to avoid any form of contamination within your establishment.

When it comes to domestic pest control we can put everything in place to remove common household pests including pigeons, mice, rats, ants, bed bugs and more. We can provide you with advice and guidance to stop pests from returning to your home again and again, and many methods of treatment will allow us to remove your pests the very same day we visit your establishment.

We are experts in pest control, and we offer professional and humane pest removal services. We are one of the finest Northampton wasp control providers, and we will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. We are passionate about what we do, and we will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with our service.

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