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When wasps invade your home or business, it can be a worrying time. Eliminate's expert wasp control Northampton team can sort things for you and provide peace of mind. We offer safe wasp nest removal at fixed, affordable prices. 

Wasp nest in your home?

If youve got a wasps' nest in your home, it's important to get it removed safely; wasps can be a major health risk if they are not dealt with correctly. 

At Eliminate, we've developed our wasp control expertise over many years. Our advanced equipment, insecticide dusts, wasp nest removal tools and specialist knowledge will eradicate your problem with minimum fuss. And you can relax knowing that we're trained to use powerful chemicals very safely in your home or workplace; so that means minimum risk to your family, pets or colleagues.

Our team has a reputation as one of the leading pest control experts in the Midlands, as well as having unmatched knowledge of wasp control in Northampton. All of our pest controllers have at least two years' experience and we will automatically risk assess you, your family and your property before carrying out any work.

For fast, professional wasp control Northampton, contact Eliminate today; call us on 0800 533 5151 or email [email protected]

Wasp control: your questions answered

Q: How can I tell the difference between a bee and a wasp?

A: A wasp has a waist, whilst a bee has a rounded shape and is furry.

Q: How can I tell if the wasp nest in my attic is live?

A: Take a look at the nest from as far away as possible. If wasps are coming in and out of the nest, it's still in use; also take a look from the outside - especially on warm sunny days, wasps should be visible against a blue or light grey sky. Key exit points are around guttering or the chimney area.

Q: Should I get rid of a disused nest?

A: It's not essential, because many nests don't get used again. But you need to consider that if the conditions were right for a nest to be sited there historically, the original source of food and protection (such as a tree) may still be there. This means there's a greater chance a new nest will be built on top of the old one.

Q: Do I definitely need to get rid of a live wasp's nest?

A: If it's a new wasp nest you should definitely get rid of it because eventually the wasps will find a way into your home or premises. They will typically find the easiest way through a roof (for example, through light fittings - they especially like downlighters because of the heat generated). They can also eat a hole through a surface if they need to.

Q: Can I remove a wasps' nest myself?

A: If you know what you're doing, this might be OK - but normally we'd recommend that you get a professional in to do this job as wasps can be a major health risk. Managing the safe removal of a wasp nest requires a CoSSH & Risk Assessment that covers your household, neighbours and even passers-by. Don't forget pets and the environment too...

Q: Can I remove a bees' nest or swarm myself?

A: There are special rules around the removal or destruction of some types of bees. Best practice dictates you should only destroy them in exceptional circumstances for example with very young children or if someone has an allergy. The normal practice is to move the nest or swarm elsewhere. At Eliminate, we work with local beekeepers to arrange the relocation of bees' nests unless this is physically impossible (for example, if the nest is in a chimney stack)

Q: The wasps in my attic look huge. What type are they?

There is an increasing variety of wasps in the UK; browse our wasps page for examples. Make sure that you haven't got European/German Wasps or Hornets - these are related to wasps and now increasingly common in the UK due to global warming. Hornets look like wasps but are much bigger and their buzz is deeper.



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