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Rats can be a big problem if they invade your home or business. They may spread disease, gnaw through pipes and wiring and carry other pests such as ticks and fleas.  They also breed rapidly, so it’s important to deal with any infestations quickly to minimise health risks to you and your loved ones.


If you’ve heard scratching noises at night, found baked bean-sized droppings in your home or can see gnaw marks in unexpected places, call Eliminate now. Our Wellingborough rat control experts can take a look and provide professional support and advice.


If rats are a problem, we can remove them safely and efficiently with our rat treatment programme, complete with fixed-price deals. We’ll also give you advice on preventing repeat visits in future (such as closing off access points), so you get more for your money.


Eliminate’s rat control Wellingborough team supports customers across the town and in many surrounding areas - including Rushden, Irchester, Wollaston, Higham Ferrers and Raunds.

When you need to call in rat control professionals, make sure you choose experts with the right training and credentials. Every Eliminate rat controller has been trained in pest control techniques and will conduct a thorough risk assessment. That’s important, because it means we’ll consider the possible safety impacts of any treatment on your family or pets. And it’s why our team is renowned as one of the leading Midlands pest control services.


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Rat or mouse in your house?


Eliminate has built its strong rat control expertise over many years of pest management. Our specialist expertise and equipment means we can help you remove rats with as little fuss as possible.


Many people aren’t sure of the difference between mice and rats. So we’ve provided a few common questions and answers below, to help you make a quick assessment.


 But if in doubt, give us a shout. Remember, Eliminate deals with both mice and rat infestations – so whatever the problem, we can help.


For fast, professional Wellingborough rat control services, contact Eliminate today; call us on 0800 533 5121 or email [email protected]. And remember to ask about our special offers when you call!


Rats or mice: your questions answered


Q:         How can I tell the difference between a mouse and a rat?

A:         At up to 18 inches long (including tail), rats are typically twice the size of mice. They also look sturdier, with a blunt nose, small eyes and a tail shorter than their body


Q:         What do rat and mouse droppings look like?

A:        Mouse droppings are tiny and look like little black rice grains, whilst rat droppings are larger and look more like black baked beans


Q:         What do rats and mice eat?

A:         Rats are less fussy than mice and will eat lots of things, including meat. They eat up to 10 times as much as mice and also need access to water. Mice prefer cereals (although they will eat other foods too) and don’t need a water supply

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