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Pest Control Northampton

If you are looking for a fast and effective pest control service then Eliminate Pest Control is the perfect solution. Pests can be found all around us but when it starts affecting our home life or the running of a business, it becomes a problem. Everything from ants and flies to cockroaches or rats, these have to be dealt with in a professional way in order to stop them reoccurring in the future.

We provide solutions for both homes and businesses in the West Midlands area including Coventry and Northampton. It is essential for your health that you deal with these problems as soon as you become aware of them as they will only get worse over time. A quick call can be made and a home visit arranged so we can tell you exactly the situation you are dealing with and the best course of action to remove the pests.

If you are a business owner that works in the food industry such as a restaurant, it is even more important that you avoid pests as it can cause you to be closed down and your licence removed. Pre-emptive action can be taken such as the installation of electronic fly killers to stop any problems occurring. Hotels have a reputation for being places that are susceptible to pests because they have a constant change of guests. If guests with poor hygiene are staying then bed bugs and other similar pest problems need to be dealt with by a professional company like Eliminate Pest Control in order to completely remove them.

Pests can also be a big problem for farmers and other people working in rural areas. Aluminium phosphide is a form of pesticide that we use that removes moles and rodents from areas. This is particularly useful for places like golf courses and we specialise in this service. For the best pest control in Northampton, please call 0800 533 5151 and tell us what you need help with.

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