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Wasps have very specific nesting habits and in most cases they are social creatures, constructed by the queen. Usually the queen is the most fertile and products as many as 2,000 eggs per day, around mid-April after emerging from hibernation to find a place to nest. This is why wasps are more prevalent in the summer months than the winter, and is why you should start to take the preventative measures within your business now to protect your health and safety.

When working in sectors such as catering, hospitality and even with children insect control is very important. Finding food for them involves visiting places such as dustbins and carcasses meaning that they can play host to an array of diseases and bacteria. Preparing food with or around these pests is extremely dangerous and can violate a number of codes and can also pose a huge threat to children who are prone to disease

At Eliminate Pest Control we are one of Northampton's leading providers of commercial wasp control and a number of other pest services for both domestic and commercial clients. For many years we have been operating within the area and have worked with a diverse range of customers from a lot of different sectors such as property management, catering, and healthcare.

Wasps are one of the most commonly-treated UK pests as they are so prevalent and have a tendency to build nests in attics, fences, and sheds. We can remove these nests using insecticide dust and even remove them completely if access allows us. Prices for this service start from as little as £50 and depends on the species of wasp, as some are more aggressive than others making removal a harder task.

As members of the British Pest Control Association, Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use, Federation of Small Businesses, The Guild of British Molecatchers, and also listed on the Professional Pest Controllers Register we understand the importance of quality and strive to deliver a service that is second to none. Working with us you can rest assured that you're in safe hands.

If you're experiencing problems with pests in your business then our Northampton commercial wasp control services are here to help you rectify the situation and continue on with your operations. Call or use our contact form today for more information and we'll discuss your options, offering helpful and friendly advice along the way. We even have a 24 hour call out services if you require a fast turnaround.

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