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There's nothing worse than having an uncontrolled pest problem within your home. Whether its flies buzzing around or rats running rampant, getting them under control sooner rather than later is incredibly important. That is why our team at Eliminate Pest Control are here to tackle the problems that you experience with pests. From rats and pigeons to mice and cockroaches, our team are highly trained and well equipped enough to comprehensively deal with any pests that may arise in your abode. Offering domestic pest control Northampton homeowners can depend on, our services are cheap and, most importantly, effective.

There are a number of pests that can prove problematic in a domestic situation. Wasps are a major pest that we have to deal with, especially when they build their nests close to or inside an area of your home, such as the attic. In order to deal with this problem, we offer a comprehensive service to eliminate the threat that they pose. We offer our services from just £60 and destroy them using insecticide dust or remove them if possible. We treat hornets, a growing threat in Britain, in much the same way, albeit at a higher cost due to their aggression and the protection required for us.

There are a number of other bugs that can prove to be tricky to remove, but which we can do so fully to prevent the risk of them returning to your home. Bedbugs are a particular nuisance which we offer a comprehensive treatment program in order to tackle. Cockroaches are disgusting insects that we swiftly eradicate, using comprehensive methods including finding the source of the infestation and baiting it to prevent the reoccurrence of cockroaches. Fleas are also troublesome, not only for your pets but inhabitants too, which is why we thoroughly attack the problem with insecticide, treating clothing and bedding as well as pets. We keep a wide stock of, and install, a wide variety of electric fly killers. In order to make the most out of these devices, we work with the customer to ensure that it is installed in the best position possible to thoroughly eliminate the problem of flies. We can also provide services regarding the maintenance of these fly killers, changing the tubes to ensure that they are working at their full potential. We also have a number of treatments available to tackle ant infestations.

Rats and mice, in particular, are troublesome in domestic situations. Mice are somewhat easy to handle, requiring only two visits to your house and a thorough treatment program including industrial traps and anticoagulant bait stations. Rats are slightly more difficult to deal with, with three visits usually required. They require more specific treatment, rat-proofing, disinfecting of your premises and physical trapping, amongst other solutions. Pigeons, if nesting in your attic, also cause a lot of mess and disturbances, which is why we remove their droppings and disinfect the area, as well as removing their nests and birdproof the area.

We are members of the British Pest Control Association and we have technicians qualified by the Royal Society for Public Health. These technicians carry out a free survey of your property with no obligation and offer a treatment plan and a price before work is carried out. We operate a 24 hour call out service, ensuring that we are the most trustworthy company for domestic pest control Northampton has to offer. To find out more, please get in touch with us. We will gladly help you in any way that we can.

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