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Call the professionals when you need a wasps' nest removed from your property

Wasps tend to be the most problematic towards the end of summer. This is when their nests will be the largest and they will be more aggressive. A single large nest can house up to 6,000 wasps and produce anywhere up to 30,000. They can attack in numbers if they are disturbed or feel threatened. Destroying the nest in an attempt to remove it is the worst thing you can do and is guaranteed to aggravate the wasps. You should seek professional assistance as soon as you see wasps regularly around your property or find evidence of a nest. (read more)

How to tell if there are rats in your property

One of the most dangerous and damaging pest problems our customers can experience is an infestation of rats. These creatures spread diseases, contaminate food, harm pets and cause costly damage to property, making them one of the most difficult challenges facing pest control companies. If you suspect that rats have invaded your building at home or on your work premises, it is vital that you enlist our pest control service straight away to ensure that you, your family, your customers or staff are protected from many health and safety hazards posed by these pests - not to mention the fact that you could run into costly legal troubles if there are rats in your place of business. (read more)

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