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Types Of Bee Effecting Central England

There are many different types of bee in the UK . The most Common include Honey bees , Bumble bees and Masonry bees.

Eliminate Experts at Bumble Bee Control

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees have become a significant pest over the past few summers. They have taken to living in the insulation in lofts of houses and bungalows. Treatment is normally by spraying with a residual Bendiocarb powder, however this process is far more effective if the nest can be located in the roof-space and treated directly.

The Life of a bumble bee colony

The queen over winters often in the warmth of the the loft insulation. In the spring she starts egg laying, the early eggs are normally females who will tend for her and the young. Later in the season from late June to August (species dependent) she will produce male offspring.

Do Bumble Bees Sting..? Yes, we can vouch for this fact.

Queens bumble bee and workers (i.e. the females) possess a sting, and use them in defense.  The sting can be painful. However, bumbles are not generally aggressive. No MALE bumble possesses a sting.

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Honey Bees

Do you have honey bees?

Notice the colour a dark golden colour - Wasps are bright yellow.

Look at the rear of the insect bee's have a rounded - Wasps are considerably pointier

Bee's are hairy - Wasps are less so

Solutions for Honey Bees

If you have a Honey bee problem, try contacting a local beekeeper first . The beekeeper will decide if a bee's can be re-located .
We recommend the British Beekeepers Association website (or see link below)

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Honey bees due to there good work as pollinators in the gardens and fields. However in certain circumstances bee collectors are unable to collect the swarm and nests need to be destroyed due to public health considerations. In these cases the nest needs COMPLETLEY isolated to stop commercial bees coming in contact with the insecticides used, possibly for months following the treatment.

A Spring Swarm of Honey Bee's in "Overnighting" in a tree, chances are they will normally move on in 2-3 days in search of a more suitable location.

Masonry Bees

A solitary Bee (that ironically will be found in small groups) that dig into walls of brick but more normally stonework, not a great stinger, but often requires treatment for protection of the fabric of the property.

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