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Ants in your house or garden..?

Garden Ants, Black Ants, Red Ants, Pharaohs Ants are all common visitors to UK gardens and properties.
Ants are social insects normally building nests underground during the spring, that may result in significant sized colony by the summertime. These largers colonys become pests when there exporations bring them in contact with man often in kitchens and conservatorys. Ants are particularly attracted to sweet tasting foods / fruits so can cause contamination problems.  

Male and female ants leave the nest in large numbers to hunt for food over a short period of time. Often this happens at all of the nests in an area. The male and female ants are larger than the worker ants, which we are used to seeing, and they are winged. If they get indoors in large numbers they can be quite frightening.


Pharaoh ants are much smaller than the common black ant; they are found inside and often infest hospitals, where they are capable of spreading infections.


Ant treatments normally involve a baiting technique that can be concluded with a single visit, the baits we use are far more powerful and effective than "over the counter" substances available to the public.
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